Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leadership Interaction

In a business meeting, different communication styles are manifested. When this meeting has a Japanese business leader, a Nigerian business leader, a French business leader and an Indian business leader sitting all together, the discussion must really be upon the different styles with which they get their message through to each other as well as the manner in which they make themselves heard which brings one to the point that their languages must be understood by all present. Even if all of them speak English as the chosen language of instruction, it is pretty much possible that there could be problems associated with understanding the respective accents and so on and so forth.

The Japanese business leader would certainly feel more confident and upbeat when he is allowed to speak in his mother tongue yet this does not happen in the business world. This is because there is Nigerian, French and Indian business leader sitting across the table and they would have difficulty understanding his language yet alone the manner in which he conveys the gestures, the nonverbal actions and other related aspects.

Similarly, the Nigerian has an accent and style which is more suited to African nations than say for instance a European or Asian country. The French business leader would be attuned properly towards the European business leaders and hence would make his point in a much clearer fashion. Lastly the Indian business leader would suit someone who can understand his South Asian accent and can relate to his regional and cultural facets in a much more better manner than the Japanese, French and Nigerian business leaders combined could do.

The communication styles that these business leaders bring with them to the meeting table are varied and thus offer room for each other's understanding and comprehension. Thus it is advisable if they could bring their managers along so that they could properly understand what is being said and discussed during the length of the meeting. Even if there is no problem at reaching a point of consensus as far as the communication aspect is concerned, it would be in their best interest to openly address each other's needs without feeling any awkwardness towards their respective non-understanding attitude since none of these business leaders adequately comprehend what is actually being conveyed. They could all make use of slide presentations on projectors so that they are assisted at delivering their ideas to each other as well as look after the desires of the respective parties which are bringing in money and revenue towards the project, task or process that is being undertaken.

During this meeting, the basis of all strategies and structural discussions that happen from time to time is on the shoulders of the four business leaders where they have to decide whether or not the adopted strategy can be the source of light in the coming times. It is only upon their insistence to have the same within their ranks that the new strategic planning is done in the first place. If these four business leaders are not ready, it is very difficult for the consensus to be reached easily concerning the issue at hand. The four business leaders need to depend a lot on the cultural aspects that they bring with their respective selves. Thus it is all about adhering to the communication differences on the part of these four business leaders in the literal sense as well as understanding that these communication measures would provide certain benefits towards their respective businesses. The changing global environment demands that these four business leaders are ready to communicate and understand each other no matter how tough or demanding the circumstances are. They have to be on their toes all the time as well as carry out activities; both tactically as well as from the long term perspective that satisfies all parties.

The role of a business leader within such a context is a difficult one. This person has to take with him the whole company and mesh the different processes so that he could get instant results. He is a team leader right from the onset of his job. He needs to get work done from the different people and business leaders who are working under him and with him on various levels. The end result has to be a single goal, one that drives their efforts towards the financial success of his business. In doing so, the business leader encounters a lot of hindrances, difficulties and hurdles. He has to face a lot of pressure from the different business leaders who are coming from varied regions of the world. At times, he has to be accountable to them as well.
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